Are you living in the past, present, or in the future?

If your answer isn't a clear present, chances are you are not really fully living at all. 

Our senses bring us back to that pre-frontal brain where we can see, feel, smell, and actually experience life.

Wine is perfect for reactivating our sensory system.

That is the NOBLE 8 path - conscious pleasure & fun.





"THE FOUNDATION upon which “WHAT WAS” and “WHAT WILL BE” LOSES ALL IT'S POWER and we are FREE. OUR VERY OWN RESTART BUTTON. Available every single second!"


Mindfulness is a human need. The mission of NOBLE 8 is to spread knowledge about mindfulness. By using ancient zen-practices to "ritualize" tasks people already love and enjoy doing- anything can be turned into a magical moment in the present and exercise our awareness.

We ask for no extra time or exhausting changes. Just little by little reactivating our conscious brain by strengthening our senses and doing things more consciously maximizing our experience of life.


Making mindfulness easy, fun and accessible, so that more people can enjoy all the benefits, like staying hopeful, resilient and enjoying the freedom that comes with being in control of our emotions and thoughts.

The times we are living in are challenging and the more people we have in control, ready to create solutions for themselves and others - the greater the chance we have of building a grandiose future for ourselves and the upcoming generations.

Dr.  James Flewellen

Dr. James Flewellen a biophysicist, award-winning wine writer and blind-tasting expert

James’s deep passion for wine and taste was established during his doctoral studies at the University of Oxford, where he became a successful member of the University Blind Wine Tasting Society. Throughout 2010-2012 he was President of this Society and represented Oxford at many international blind tasting competitions.

James co-authored the original Concise Guide to Wine and Blind Tasting, which won the Gourmand Award for Best Drinks Education Book in the UK, and placed second in the world.

In September last year James released a series of amazing infographic wine guides – an entertaining and approachable way to deepen one’s knowledge of wine. The guides show the connections between different wine regions ­– linking taste, tannin and terroir ­– without getting too overloaded with detail.  A “must have” for any wine-lover who wishes to extend their knowledge in an entertaining and fun way.

James holds the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wine and Spirits and is also a judge for the International Wine Challenge. For NOBLE 8 James selects the wine together with Louise and picks out the most important information regarding each and every bottle.

Super Grapeful Louise

Louise Harms, founder of Super Grapeful, the company behind NOBLE 8. She is a certified mindfulness practitioner and lover of all natures tasty gifts - in particularly wine.

In 2007 Louise moved to Berlin without having ever been here before. Berlin calling. Possibly her first blind-tasting experience. “Berlin to me is a place that allows us to be who we are. She isn’t always kind, but she is accepting and she knows how to make the most of what you’ve got, here and now. For that she will forever be an undying inspiration and my muse.”

NOBLE 8 is a huge part of my mission which is spreading my knowledge in the area of consciousness - so that more people can enjoy the freedom and connection found in the present moment.

Dr.  James Flewellen

Understanding how much POWER we have HERE & NOW is what will help us CREATE THE FUTURE we WANT & DESERVE.


  • Blind-tasting - Sensory explosion
  • A moment to relax and reconnect with self
  • Focus on your taste and preferences - biases off
  • Feel from alcohol? - Drinking consciously


  • Activated Senses -> Living in the present
  • Blind-tasting -> finding new preferences
  • Ritual ->  fully conscious & enjoying the moment
  • Rewire brain -> Training - taking back control
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